Broken Bride. 7;00am 12-9-15

Hey you broken and blue,
Can I talk to you.
Can we sit awhile,
For you never smile.
I hear your tears,
And fill your fears.
Pour out to me
Your heart is crying
Your soul is sad,
And your mind stays mad.
The stings everyday
You exorb and never push away.
All these thoughts you believe
all this wickedness you won’t release.
I tell you this, when it comes to your door don’t
Let It In .Shout get out In Jesus Name,
And don’t you ever come back again.
For His Blood covers my Past ,Present and future,
I’m telling you satan you can’t step any further toward what is covered,
And the lie is on you ,cause I live In truth.
And I know you don’t want to hear this, but I’m throwing back all of your darkness, I’m not enduring no more of your chaos,
Cause greater Is He in me, and the ground I walk on Is mine not yours,
And I will speak Gods word out into the world and you will never trample
me under your feet anymore.

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Healing hands of melody by Vandetta Horton 2/5/14

Healing hands of melody moving side by side.

Come fresh like the wind and refill me up again.

You move with every curve in motion.

Pouring out one long silk devotion.

With the tips of your fingers that break forth a beautiful anointing.

As your light burst forth penetrating into my soul.

Such a love taking over removing all that is old.

What a sweet taste of fine wine that fills my soul with all that is new.

As strings of sweet melodies drop like honey dew.

While your fresh breath oh God moves inside of me taking control.

Moving me towards that great destination away from all the things of this world.

As your healing hands of melody dance over me like sea pillows of love.

I will praise you as you sit on your throne ruling over me from above.

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Roaring Cloud Of Thunder by Vandetta Horton on wednesday 7-11-12 at 6:30 am

Boiling thunder rolling in the sky.

Flashes of lightning from with inside.

Listen for the voice, above all the noice.

His coming now you have no choice.

While there was freedom.

You could have lived in Gods’ Kingdom.

But you kept waiting thinking there was time.

Or from what ever reason that kept you from trying.

Now the time you had has faded like a beautiful spring day.

And what you could had has slipped away.

There was a beautiful saving King.

Ready and waiting to give you everything.

But for the father of this world you pushed God away.

And now you see , but it is to late.

Now you and the hearts of others tremble.

As you look at a world you once adored now in shambles.

And you ponder on the Hand that shook the world as you hunger.

For this King that rolled in on a roaring cloud of thunder.

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Rose Petals of Love. By Vandetta Horton .

Love is as honey dew.

Love is never found , it finds you.

No one knows when or where it blows.

It goes on for eternity, how deep no one knows.

I didn’t run after love , it ran after me.

I was looking for safety as a child.

By the time I was a teen I was running wild.

And years past by me, on this long winding road.

It faded away like the red petals of the rose.

Then love came like a breath of fresh air.

It caught me , and changed me right then and there!

The road I travel on now, is long but straight.

And fresh rose petals fall around me everyday.

Love lives inside me now and grows with every new day.

And says to me “don’t be afraid I won’t let you fall away”

For I will warn you when temptation comes your way.

Rose petals I will drop to lead you out of danger.

For you,” I’m the love of your life who knows no stranger”.

I have placed you in the palm of my hand wrapped like a glove.

And if you seek deep inside we can share my rose petals of love.

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Love Songs OF Mercy by Vandetta Horton on may 21st at 6:15 am 2012.

Love songs of mercy come visit me.

I long to hear you under the tall flowing trees.

May I sing along, as you pour out into my cup.

Melodies flowing out and going up.

Where a choir of angels join in and sing.

Holy, Holy is the Lord God our King.

Strong waves of love flowing forth.

Such an experience must come from the Lord

Watching as i’m marching crying out for more.

But the waves are so great and intense they take me to the floor.

As i’m drawn into a beautiful wave of anointing of the Lord.

Wave after wave flowing back and forth .

From the Father through me and out into the world.

There’s no love greater then the love of the Lord.

So come great love songs of mercy pour out into this world.

And push out all the hate.and fill our hearts with love for the Lord.

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Beating Heart By Vandetta Horton on May 18th at 6:00 am 2012.

Beating heart, what do you beat for?

Do you beat for me, or the things of this world?

There is so much darkness around you, trying to draw you away.

Tempting you, hoping that you’ll stop, turn and beat the other way.

But I won’t stop calling you home.

For beating with me is where you belong.

I know it’s hard for you.

You fill like you don’t know what to do.

But there is something you must know.

I’m here with you, I’m not letting go.

So when you think i’m not with you.

I’m with you the most.

I will never stop loving you.

I will never let go.

So often I have carefully watched over you, gently guiding you on the right path.

And so often you have cried out in wonder of where I’m at.

So I tell you now sweet pracious heart,You will never wonder again.

For I will always continue to tug at your hand.

You can always trust me and call me friend.

I will love you forever, my love never ends.

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Sea of Love by Vandetta Horton. 6:20 am ,16th, 2012 Thursday.

Sea of Love come wash away my fears make me passionate for you.

come fill your Glory in this room. Shine your light in before my face.

consume all darkness and leave not a trace.draw your word forth out

of my belly and make me strong, bold and ready.For the worlds growing

darker and the enemys’ grown larger and there’s not time to sleep or

slumber. So come sea of love send me your love songs from above.

Come and cover all fear that you see far and near. Come wipe all

faces and dry all tears. Make us strong for the Masters table. Make us

strong willing and able. to speak your great words of wisdom elcidate

your light that will destory all evil. Consumed in mid air as we set there

with out a care. Fearless of all evil only fearing the one who is able.

The one who anointed my head as I set at His table. My King ,

Mighty counselor and My everything. You are all in me Therefore I hold

no fear and I am free. Thank you sea of love for believing in me.

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Wells of springs Wednesday 15th 2012 7:15 am

Deep wells of springs where poems lay and wait to be spoken forth.

Dew drops full of Gods anointing waiting to burst to and frow.

Mountain tops where darkness reside , but Gods’ Glory rushed in with an almighty wind.

and blew the darkness into the outer nothing , and took hold of the Mountain tops with His gladness.

He looks over the trees along the riverside with His loving kindness.

and we’re waving to our King and He shouts to us Sing .

Sing my children it’s a new day.

For fresh fruit is on the vine of love and on its way.

Doves are arising to my throne releasing songs of melody, and praise of thanksgiving.

As I release streams of my living water from the side of my mountain , that stream

from the very depth of my heart , as you drink deep my sweet .

you will receive knowledge and wisdom from me.

Thats ready to burst forth revelation , and so you follow my path I have made straight for you.

Filling up with the heart and mind of me as I gather together all my beautiful

creation to swim in the depths of me.

For eternity being joyous and free.

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The Awakening Wednesday 15th 2012 6:07 am.

This morning in my bed I was awakened by the Lord

with beautiful colors in my head. As I looked, the colors

were flowing into this beautiful church. As the colors

breathed air, so did the church and as the church

would breath in it grew and I asked the Father, ” how

can this be? ” It takes more the color that you have

taught me , where are their treasures ? where are their gifts ?

And where is the revelation of your word ? Where is the passion for

your cross, don’t they know that  life came with a cost ? My

Daughter, they only see what to them is a reality, for they look in a

book for me with their mind but their hearts are far from me. In the

hands of their enemies seducing them in the colors of this world.

But I am fanning my hand back and forth awakening and releasing

revelation of my will. Freeing my sheep from the wolves and I will

fill them with my truth and I will push out all error that the devil tries

to poison in this world. For my sheep will stand strong and steady

looking into the face of their Lord turned away free from the snares

of this world.

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Revelation by vandetta horton on saturday 12-3-11 9:00am

I have my sword of unity surrounding the heart of many.

My sword will slash open  exposing the ear. so they will listen

deep absorb and eat. I will cause my sword to flash light into

 the eyes of many nations. And they will see I’m Lord over

all creation. I will cause a fire to grow higher that will cause

a passion of desire. Many will be jealous for me. they will

look up and cry out for me. I will preserve them from the

enemy. And there will be no stopping me. for what I set

out for my bride to be. I will make her strong so she

can’t deny me. And after my will on this earth has

come. Her heart will be in my hand exposed so

my work can be done. and there will be no stopping

me for my bride will stand strong and free pouring

out all measurement of me. 


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